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Is Hillary Clinton Really a Woman of Integrity and the “Lesser of Two Evils”

Posted On Oct 24 2016 by

Hillary Clinton is not a woman of integrity. You could only believe that she has integrity and is the “lesser of two evils” if you think that there is no difference between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker , the protagonists of the Star Wars movies, or if you believe there is no difference between Jesus and Satan. Webster’s New World Dictionary defines “integrity” as “the quality or state of being of sound moral principle; uprighness, honesty, and sincerity.”  Hillary Clinton’s words and actions regarding her personal email accounts used while Secretary of State are byzantine enough to make your eyes …

Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton on Abortion, Same Sex Marriage, Abstinence Education & Religious Freedom

Posted On Oct 18 2016 by

Here is a summary of Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s views on social issues and religious freedom: Issue Hillary Clinton Positions Donald Trump Positions Hillary Clinton quotes/voting  Donald Trump Quotes Other Quotes Abortion is a woman’s unrestricted right  Strongly Agrees  Opposes  Clinton scores 100% by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) on pro-choice voting record “I hate the concept of abortion.”   Should Planned Parenthood get Federal Funds  Yes, strongly agrees  No, disagrees “I’m proud to stand with Planned Parenthood, I’ll never stop fighting to protect the ability and right of every woman in this country to make her own …